Local Artisans

Bradenton & Gulf Islands Centric Local Artisans

One of our favorite Local Artisans is Rexy with the Babe Cave Studios. The Babe Cave Studio was created from Rexy’s broken heart. As Rexy was starting over and looking for a creative space where she could heal her heart, she knew she needed to find purpose in what she was doing and to figure out what her next move was.  She felt the need to create a safe and positive space for women to gather, create, find empowerment and to help each other on their crazy journey through life. It’s true when you are at your lowest that’s where the magic truly happens. You just must hang in and ride the storm out. It’s totally worth it!

​Rexy realized that when you start understanding who you are and set clear intentions the universe aligns with you. She knew she wanted to create something that was meaningful and had purpose. She was using essential oils during her yoga practice and meditation. When she saw how the oils naturally absorbed on the beads and you could still smell them a few days later, she thought that it was so amazing to have her “happy place” with all the time. So, Rexy shares the beauty of her story with each of us in her handmade bracelets that provide you then the freedom to create your story using essential oils as well.

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