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Book A Little Sunshine

“If I had to sum up Julie in a few words, it would be that she is fabulous.”

Book A Little Sunshine is one of the best tour operators on the island. Whether a group is planning a wedding, a birthday, or a family trip, Julie knows how to make it unforgettable.

I actually met Julie through an online booking platform about a year ago. I own three rental properties on Anna Maria Island, and I manage them from my home in Canada. Even with the distance, Julie makes me feel like my guests are in good hands.

Our relationship is a great marriage  of our two businesses. The vacation experience starts with me: I light the torch , and then when the people get to the properties, Julie takes the torch and caries it. We work closely, and sh is a one-stop shop for helping people. She my go-to girl, and I know that no matter what it is, she will get it done.

Julie is so flexible with multiple access points for communication. When guests arrive at one of my properties, they are greeted by digital “welcome tablets” that show things to do in the area. If they are interested in booking an activity, the inquiry sent from the tablet goes directly to Book A Little Sunshine. Julie is then able to reach out to them and get their activities put together. The tablets are great for tech-savvy guests, but Julie is also available by phone or email for guests who prefer communicating that way.

If I had to sum up Julie a few words, it would be that she is just fabulous. She’s a bundle of knowledge and really enjoys helping people.
I feel so lucky to work with her.

-Nancy McAleer, Anna Maria Island

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