You Are My Sunshine

My Only Sunshine….


Let A Little Sunshine In?

As we all travel more and more every year there has been an inevitable standardization of travel. People are coming home from traveling with the same stories, from the same places as their friends.

What my services offer you is a personal experience from the moment you enquire until long after you’re home. Time away from work is valuable time and when you travel in that time you want it to be what you want it to be. My company provides you with that from the moment you pick up the phone to long after you’re home.



Being self-aware about why you travel, and do the things you do, gives you much greater clarity when making decisions such as where to go. For me it’s all about the ‘why’, far more than the ‘how’, ‘where’, or ‘when’.



If you know or if you don’t know why you travel, it doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m here for. I’ll listen and ask questions until I’m confident I have what I need to make that authentic experience you’re after. Understand the person and the destination takes care of itself.


I'm Not Happy Until You Are

Now I know the traveller, I know what they’re after, and I know where they’re going. So when it comes to putting a vacation together, I have a wide net to cast when looking at catching the essence of a destination and all the experiences it offers. It is as beautifully clean and transparent as that.


This Is the Easy Part Though

It’s as easy to say the above as it is to read it when you’re confident in your ability. If you want something that no one else can have, pick up the phone and change the way you travel.


Longboat Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year 3rd Place Winner

Book A Little Sunshine’s Travel Boutique located at 102 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach is recognized by VISIT FLORIDA as a Certified Travel and Information Center